Freedom for All

By Obafemi Awolowo

First Address of Chief Obafemi Awolowo As President of the Action Group On 28th April, 1951. To the Conference of Party Members at Owo


The pleasant duty of introducing the Action Group has been entrusted to me.

On the 21st March of this year, the Action Group was introduced to the public through the Press, and its aims and objectives were clearly set out.

Since then the Action Group has been unfolding itself and fulfilling its aims and objectives more by action than by words.  The most eloquent tribute to the growing strength of this young organization is that all those who are gathered here this morning – accredited representatives of the entire Western Region – are members of the Action Group.

The aims and objectives of the Action Group have not only been published as I said, but are contained in the Draft Constitution, copies of which have been forwarded to you.  I will not, therefore, take your time by repeating them.

There are, however, two items in the aims and objectives which I should like to emphasise, since they are the very basis of the Action Group.  I refer to items (1) and (3).  The two are complementary and they read as follows:

  1. To bring and organize within its fold nationalists in the Western Region, so that they may work together as a united group, and submit themselves to party loyalty and discipline
  2. To prepare and present to the public programmes for all Departments of Government, and to strive faithfully to ensure the effectuation of such programmes through those of its members that are elected into the Western House of Assembly and the Federal Legislature.



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