Lecture on Electoral Integrity Political Institutions & Electoral Integrity

by Prof. Yemi  Osinbajo SAN 

0n Tuesday 12th October,2010

organised by
Obafemi Awolowo Institute of Government and Public Policy (OAIGPP)



Defining the “political institutions”

  • INEC, Security Operatives, Legislature, Judiciary, political parties
  • Widely defined means all constitutionally created institutions concerned with elections

Why is electoral Integrity important?

  • Peace is possible only if fair process of choice of leadership is in place
  • Reason for crisis in many African States Isuccession politics
  • Failure: Systemic or Partial?
  • INEC
  • Logistics
  • Inadequate time to prepare for registration & elections
  • Undermanned registration & polling booths
  • Faulty method of moving voting materials
  • Shortage of registration & voting materials
  • Corruption
  • Manipulation of facts & figures in elections & returning winners
  • Non acquisition of budgeted material & manpower
  • Umpires elections for the highest bidder
  • Its exhibits and testimony in court is seldom untainted by favoritism


Three conflicting “final” presidential results.

– Atiku v Yaradua (2008)




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